Port St. Maarten calls for the Removal of Containers and Equipment from Sand Lot before February 22

Hon.Niklos Gitterson, Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI)

PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port Sint Maarten Group of Companies (the ‘Port’) urgently appeals to all users of the empty lot, located between the port and Chesterfields (the ‘Sand Lot’), to immediately take proper actions to remove all containers and/or equipment (jointly the ‘Items’) stored by them on the Sand Lot.

Following the emergency situation in Sint Maarten caused by hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, the Sand Lot has been used for temporary storage of Items. The Sand Lot is held in sub-long lease by Sint Maarten Quarter Development Company N.V. (“SMQD”), a company which is not affiliated to the Port.

With respect thereto, it is pointed out that the Port at no point assumed nor will assume any responsibility with respect to the aforesaid use of the Sand Lot.

As per the request of SMQD to have the Sand Lot vacated, the Sand Lot will be closed off to all users as per February 22, 2019. The parties responsible for storing the Items on the Sand Lot will be held fully liable for all costs and other damages involved with removal of any and all Items still present on the Sand Lot after this date.

The Port counts on all Sand Lot users’ cooperation in timely removing all items from the Sand Lot.