Atos arrested for 2nd time in connection with Cannegieter murder



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – This week Detectives arrested – for the second time – Ridy “Atos” Eduardo from St. Peters in connection with the murder of Juancho Cannegieter. Who was found on August 6th, 2018 murdered in white colored Hyundai SUV with license plate P-1554 on Marigot Hill road, St Peters.

In this murder case, Detectives arrested two persons. The first was Eduardo and the second was Dean Benjamin, after a house search was conducted in St. Peters.

Eduardo was the first man who was arrested at a local Supermarket where he worked. At his arrest Detectives found Cannegieter’s cell phone in his possession. At that time he told the investigative team that he had bought the phone from Benjamin, which is why law enforcement conducted the search at Benjamin’s house.

With new information and hard work by the investigating team, Detectives returned to their first suspect Eduardo. With new incriminating information on him, just as the laws states, this gave law enforcement the authority to arrest him for the second time for the same crime.

The Police have sent a press release confirming the arrest of the suspect.
Below you can read the police press release.

Suspect in Marigot Hill murder arrested

On November 27th, suspect R.E. was rearrested by the KPSM investigating team in connection with the murder of J.C. 

J.C. was discovered in his car on August 6th, 2018 in the St. Peters/ Marigot Hill area. The victim was found in a grey colored Hyundai SUV with license plate P1554 on the premises of a home shot to death.

This investigation is still currently on going, and the investigating team are still looking for witnesses who may have seen or heard anything that could shed more light on the investigation. Anyone who has information in connection with this case should immediately contact the investigating team by calling +1721-542-2222 ext. 223, +1721-556-7498, the anonymous tip line 9300 or the emergency number 911.