Malcolm Phillips wins first fight

Malcolm Philips vs Fangming Qu at the Sugar Bert Boxing Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida

Kissimmee, Florida / Sint Maarten — Malcolm Phillips has been successful in his first fight at the Sugar Bert Amateur Boxing event in Kissimmee, Florida on Saturday.

Malcolm told 721 News that it is an honor for him as this is his first big international fight. “In my training I focused more on foot, head and body shots,” said Malcolm.

He further stated that he is excited for his fight today and I’d very confident.

Coach Earl Duzong mentioned that the last two days they trained very hard especially seeing that the temperatures in Florida dropped.

“Because of the lower temperatures the sir is thinner which would make our fighters become tired faster, but he was successful,” said Duzong.

Sunday Malcolm will be fighting Joseph Drubiller you can follow the fight directly on the Sugar Bert Boxing website or via 721 News Facebook page.

Duzong would like to thank the following sponsors who are making this trip possible, they are: Pineapple Pete & Wasabi CharlieIsland Real Estate and Juliana Airport Handlers.