Police report April 17


Armed robbery

The Special Unit is presently investigating an armed robbery which took place on Tuesday April 16th at approximately 01.30 a.m. at Marty’s Gyros on Welfare road close to Kim Sha Beach. Two men dressed in dark clothing and their face covered, one of which armed with a handgun stormed into the establishment coming from the rear of the building. The armed suspect threatened several customers that were in the establishment at the time with his firearm, at the same time allowing the second suspect to rob at least four victims of their personal belongings. After committing this act the suspects fled the scene via the rear of the building, the same way the entered. Nothing was stolen from the establishment. No one was injured during the robbery.

Two suspects arrested for attempted armed robbery

On Tuesday April 17th two young males were arrested by police suspected of attempted armed robbery. According to information these two suspects who were dressed in dark clothing and each armed with a gun attempted to rob a couple at the lookout point in Guana Bay. The suspects arrived in beige colored Hyundai I-10.  The victim/driver of the vehicle managed to drive away during the attempted robbery and drove to the crossing of Sucker garden road and Guana Bay road.  In the meanwhile the police department was notified of what had taken place and requested police assistance. Shortly after the same vehicle was seen coming out of the Guana bay area and headed towards Middle Region. Immediately several police patrols and detectives started a search to locate the vehicle and suspects in question. With great assistance and communication from persons in the community the police was successful in arresting the two male suspects with initials A.G. (17) and K.C. J.B (17) and confiscated the vehicle they used in the attempted robbery. The investigation is in the hands of the Special Unit Robbery.

Suspect arrested with false travelling documents

The Alpha Team located at the Princess Juliana International Airport on Wednesday April 11th at approximately 04.35 p.m. arrested two male passengers who arrived on flight Air Antilles from Port au Prince Haiti. Both male passengers identified with initials B.R.G.J. and E.M.C.R. were nationals of the Dominican Republic.

B.R.G.J. French passport was then controlled by an Immigration officer who discovered that the front page which contained his information was printed.

E.M.C.R. Spanish (Spain) passport was also controlled by an Immigration officer who discovered that the front page of his passport which contained his information was also printed.

Both men were subsequently arrested for travelling with falsified passports. During their arrest, both men were found to have in their possession, passports of the Dominican Republic. While controlling those passports it was also discovered that both passports had falsified visas of the Netherlands.

Both men were taken to the police station in Philipsburg and their passports were confiscated for further investigation.

On Wednesday evening at approximately 10.50 p.m. a male passenger identified with initials J.D.A. was refused entry to the island by the Immigration Department at PJIA. While inspecting his passport from the Dominican Republic, suspicions arose that the Spanish (Spain) stamps on his passport were falsified. While being controlled by the Immigration Department, J.D.A. also handed an I.D. card from Spain to the Immigration officer. This I.D. card also appeared to be false. J.D.A. was then taken to the police station in Philipsburg where he awaited his safe return to the Dominican Republic.

On Thursday morning, both the passport and I.D. card of J.D.A. were controlled by investigating officers of the Alpha Team. While inspecting the documents, it was discovered that the stamps from Spain in his Dominican Republic passport as well as the I.D. card from Spain, were falsified. J.D.A. was then arrested for travelling with falsified documents and for presenting these falsified documents to authorities. Both his Dominican Republic passport and falsified I.D. card from Spain were confiscated for further investigation. All three suspects remain in police custody pending further investigation.

Traffic notice

The Police Traffic Department is sending out following notice: In order to remove the overturned trailer which is located on the Alexis Arnell road and which road runs behind of Fire Department in Cay hill starting from One Tete Loke round about to the round about at the top of Cole bay hill, on Wednesday April 18th this road will be closed to all traffic from 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

All drivers should take keen notice of this information and use alternative routes to get to their destination. After this trailer has been removed the traffic will be reopened to all traffic.