French native in boating incident died from traumatic shock with multiple traumatic injuries

RCNPF Chief Commissioner of Police Mr Ian Queely


Charlestown, Nevis, March 5, 2018 – Police said Monday March 5 that a post-mortem examination conducted on the body of the late Keryan Grimault-Queret concluded that the cause of death was due to traumatic shock with multiple traumatic injuries as a result of a collision with a boat.

The autopsy was carried out by resident pathologist, Dr. Adrian Quintana-Nunez on February 27. Grimault-Queret, a 24-year-old native of France was visiting his parents, who reside at Cliffdwellers.

On February 24, Grimault-Queret was struck by Motor Vessel “Good Luck” just off Pinneys Beach, Nevis. Grimault-Queret was pronounced dead on the scene after divers retrieved the body from the seabed.

The vessel is owned by Vincent Perkins, but was being operated by someone else.