~ Connecting sustainable businesses, investments, innovation, between the Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean and Latin America. ~

Great Bay, St. Maarten – St. Maarten joined countries of the kingdom for a two part trade mission in the Netherlands, this week. The event looked at ways to achieve sustainable business between the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Latin America and the Caribbean region and to explore what opportunities entrepreneurs have on all sides.

The theme for the event was ‘Connecting sustainable businesses, investments, innovation, between the Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean and Latin America’. The event included a congress with 20 leading keynote speakers and a matchmaking initiative, connecting the business community of the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean.


For a number of years already, the trade mission organizers have explicitly focused on the sustainable energy market and stimulating long-term partnerships.

Financial institutions and investors were provided the opportunity to have a behind the scenes look of (new) markets in the Caribbean area and in Latin America. At the same time, organizers of the trade mission point out sales markets for various products and services to the entrepreneurs.

In the matchmaking segment, participants discussed the development of new partnerships and taking advantage of opportunities the reconstruction of St Maarten could potentially bring to develop joint markets.


The trade mission and congress attracted a cross section of business community, but also employers’ organizations, the financial sector (trust and banking sector), representatives of

governments from the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom, the Caribbean region and Latin America.

The St. Maarten delegation was comprised of government and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Dutch entrepreneurs have already indicated to be very interested in seeking partnerships, which are facilitated by the Dutch legislation or comparable legislation they are encountered with. This makes partnerships very accessible and profitable for both parties.

This week’s trade mission again offered a platform for St. Maarten to promote itself and at the same time indicate which international investments opportunities and partnerships St. Maarten is looking for. Besides financial opportunities that could support the rebuilding of the country’s economy, being part of this event was furthermore seen as a means to help contribute to knowledge based business partnerships.

This is particularly important now that St. Maarten is dealing with a financial situation in which the country is seeking a balance between budget deficits and boosting the economy. St. Maarten’s participation in this Kingdom event was furthermore in keeping with government’s interest in contributing to making the most of its ties within the Kingdom.

The government’s Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK) has the responsibility to support and promote relationships within the Kingdom, including strengthening of regional cooperation and seeking of partnerships. It was among departments providing support to government as part of the delegation, at the event.