The public is cautioned to throw their car wrecks and household appliances on the Sanitary landfill



Philipsburg –  The Ministry of VROMI has been working diligently on the cleanup of the car wrecks, household appliances etc. at the area where the company Bakker Recycling is located on the pond island in Philipsburg.

The debris has caused an eyesore for the area and it was crucial that it be cleaned up.

Residents are prohibited from dumping any waste in the vicinity of the Bakker Recycling area. For the dumping of car wrecks and household appliances there is an area designated on the landfill for such. Signs will be available to indicate the designated location or you can inquire by a landfill employee.

Honorable Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel, along with the Ministry of VROMI, is busy working out the logistics to get this waste, namely the car wrecks and big household appliances shipped off the island.

The area where Bakker was located, once cleaned, will be designated for future projects.