St. Maarten author Darren Wilson releasing new books this summer



PHILIPSBURG – Almost two years to the date after the successful launch of his first book Got Fruit in summer 2015, St. Maarten-based speaker, author, and entrepreneur Darren Wilson will be releasing three new books just in time for summer 2017.

These new books are titled: Designed for Purpose, The Kingdom-Focused Church, and The Formula for Success.

Wilson is a dynamic young man whose goal is to inspire both young and old by empowering them with what is necessary in order to help them transform their thinking and ultimately their lives. A compelling author, Wilson believes that while reading is essential for the development of individuals, “at some point we have to move past reading other people’s books to the point where we can write our own books, because people are influenced and transformed by words whether it be written or spoken, and the community that writes in any capacity has a lot of say in how the culture of the community develops and who better to inspire, empower, and transform a community than those from within the community? In this sense, the pen is truly mightier than the sword” and it is from this perspective that he is excited about the launch of these next three books.

In Designed for Purpose, Wilson explains that the greatest investment one can make in themselves is to invest in the discovery of purpose. Purpose not only fuels the human experience but it is the basis and foundation for it because no person is born without it. Sadly, because purpose is not known, life is relegated to one big experiment that is hurting many people today. This book will enable the reader to understand where purpose comes from, discover what their purpose is, and subsequently how to function in it.

The Kingdom Focused Church addresses the role of the church in society and in the book, Wilson readjusts perspectives in order to transform the way the church is traditionally viewed. Through a Kingdom perspective, the book diverts away from the religious understanding of church to one that seeks to awaken the church from its state of dormancy and prepares it to influence, impact, and be the transformative factor that it was designed to be in the world with and for the Kingdom of God.

The Formula for Success is a short, but impactful book that describes how one can experience any measure of success in any area of their life. Success is not relegated to a select few or a dream that is to be pursued, but never attained, but instead a very present reality that can be experienced here and now.

When asked why persons should purchase these books Darren said: “I am a young man who is doing his part to contribute to a better and brighter future for this nation. I believe that this is an awesome accomplishment and should be celebrated as such by the entire community so that other young men, can see that there are those of us who are positive examples and should be duly recognized as such.”

All three books will be released only on Kindle on June 30, and are available right now for pre-order on the Amazon website. Print copies of the books will be made available at a later date. To pre-order a Kindle copy, go to Darren Wilson’s author page on Amazon or visit his website at

For general inquiries about the books, contact Wilson at +1 (721) 580-6925 or +1 (721) 520-2555, email:, or visit his website for links to all social media accounts.