Pre-hurricane clean-up campaign to commence shortly


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), is urging residents to take full advantage of the pre-hurricane clean-up schedule campaign executed by each district hauler, which will give residents the opportunity to dispose of all unwanted waste that’s in their yards.

In accordance with the contractual agreement between district haulers and Ministry VROMI, each entity has prepared a pre-hurricane clean-up campaign with detailed schedules stating collection dates, and areas.

Residents will be able to dispose of any unwanted garbage in accordance with the clean-up schedule, including loose household appliances, old furniture, pieces of wood, tree branches (pruning of trees), zinc, or any pieces of garbage that can become airborne during the passing of a hurricane.

Garbage should be placed in heavy duty bags or boxes in managed piles or groups and can be placed outside of household walls, fences, and in the additional larger garbage bins that will strategically be placed in every district by each hauler to ensure intake of the increase in disposed waste during the campaign period.

Residents should refrain from disposing of garbage around utility outlets including water meters, pipes etc. and disposing of garbage in isolated piles of individual items that can be blown into other people’s property, public roads and spaces, or be tampered with by stray animals.

Despite government initiatives, residents should all practice personal responsibility in cleaning up and maintaining acceptable conditions in their yards and extended surroundings.

If garbage should go unnoticed, residents can contact their district hauler to collect the waste or Ministry of VROMI, Department of Infrastructure Management at the following numbers, 520-5313, 520-3529 and 520-4420.

In the event residents want to dispose of car wrecks or any other bulky waste, you may do so by contacting Ministry VROMI via the aforementioned numbers.

The clean-up will be carried out in close consultation with all available community councils and the Community Police Officers of the different districts.

Ministry VROMI would appreciate the involvement of all parties in question to make this community clean-up effort a total success.