St. Maarten Police Report



Police officers launches beautification project

On Saturday, March 25, police officers Sharetti Hooi and Lavell Wilson under the guidance of Community Police Officer (CPO) Helen Romeo along with members of the community and assistance from the department of VROMI launched their beautification project called “Turning the page.” The location where this project was launched is on the crossing of Arch Road and Soualiga Road.

The two containers at that location that were covered in graffiti were completely painted as the first phase of the project. The second phase would have a beautiful painting done covering these containers. Signs stating “No Loitering and No Littering” will be placed at the location along with garbage bins placed by the department of VROMI.

Unfortunately, early Monday morning it was clear to see that an unknown person(s) for unknown reasons had maliciously spray painted one of the containers with the words “Sorry.” The Police Department wants to have closure for the family, and colleagues in regard to the tragic passing of their colleague “Gamali Benjamin” and move on to other things. This project is one of those things.

The Police Department wants to work hand in hand with all communities on projects that will help to enhance and beautify their neighborhood. This is definitely not the way “how we want to deal with this situation.” This project will nevertheless continue and be completed.

Police Management regulates traffic

As was published in the local newspapers and on Social Media, as a tribute to the late Annick Arrindell, the Police Management team came out on Monday, March 27, at 7:00am to regulate the heavy flow of traffic coming from the busy school districts of South Reward and St. Peters.

Police Chief Carl John was seen regulating traffic at the intersection of L.B. Scot and Gladiola Roads, while Chief Inspector Benjamin Gout was at the Church Hill roundabout, Commissioner Denise Jacobs was at the intersection of Zagersgut/Coralita Road where the family of Annick Arrindell were lined up to see this tribute. Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson was seen regulating traffic at the intersection of L.B. Scot-St. Peter’s Roads.

 Prison guard attacked and seriously beaten by inmates

Detectives are presently investigating a very serious case of ill treatment of a prison guard at the Pointe Blanche prison by inmates. The incident took place on Friday, March 23, between 2:45pm and 3:00pm.

The guard was attacked when two inmates were let out of their cell for recreation. The guard suffered serious injuries to his face as a result of the beating. No suspects in this case have been arrested as yet.

The investigation continues.