POLICE REPORT: Friday March 24 2017

Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson


Armed robbery

The Special Robbery Unit is presently investigating an armed committed by an unknown man armed with a handgun at Golden Sail Supermarket in Sint Peters on Thursday March 23rd at approximately 08.50 p.m.

According to the two victims the suspect stormed into the establishment and while threatening them with his firearm robbed the establishment of an undisclosed amount of cash and an I-phone.

The suspect was dressed in dark clothing and was also wearing a helmet. After committing this act the suspect fled the scene on foot.


Tribute to Annick Arrindell by police management

As a tribute and in recognition of their beloved and late colleague Annick Arrindell, who became well known to many because of her traffic regulating skills, as she stood many early weekday mornings at the intersection of Zagersgut road and Coralita road to help regulate the very heavy flow of traffic coming from the Sint Peters and Reward areas into Philipsburg, four members of the Police Management Team has decided that they will go out on Monday morning March 27th and take part in regulating the traffic coming from those areas.

The Management Team members are; Chief Commissioner Carl John who will stand at the intersection L.B. Scot road-Gladiola road, Commissioner Denise Jacobs at the intersection Zagersgut road-Coralita Road, Chief Inspector Benjamin Gout at the Churchill Round About and Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson at Intersection L.B. Scot road-Sint Peters road.