Paving of Mildrum Road commences



SOUTH REWARD – The paving of Mildrum Road, also known as Weymouth Hill Road has begun, which entails leveling of the surface, shaping out the road, and pouring.

According to the set schedule, 95 meters of Mildrum Road will be paved with fiber-reinforced concrete. The whole project is expected to be completed within the coming 5 weeks.

Minister of VROMI Christophe Emmanuel is enthusiastic about the completion of this project. He is grateful to have been able to finalize the public/private agreement in order to better the infrastructure for residents in the area of Weymouth Hill, with a newly paved Mildrum Road.

Assigned contractor for the work is Clean St. Maarten NV. The costs of construction are shared by Valley Estate, Prima Vista Estate and St. Maarten Government.