New procedure for issuance of National ID



SAINT MARTIN – As part of the modernization of the issuance of the National Identity Card (CNI) in the communities of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, the Saint Martin community’s civil registration service informs the population that “It will continue to process applications for a national identity card between February 27, and March 24, the transitional period before the new procedure is implemented.”

As of March 24, applications for ID cards issued by Saint Martin will be directly processed in Martinique, in accordance with the same secure procedure for biometric passports. The format of the new electronic ID card will remain unchanged and free of charge (except in the event of loss).

From March 24, it will be possible to fill out a pre-application for a national ID card online on the website of the national security agency

Each user can then apply for an identity document in any community (or town hall) equipped with a collection device, and no longer only in his municipality of residence. After the file has been examined, a telephone SMS will be sent to the applicant informing them of the availability of their title to the depository.