SZV hosts info session: Sickness Insurance Ordinance

Ms. Charonne Holder SZV Communications Officer


PHILIPSBURG – On Thursday, February 23, Social & Health Insurances SZV will host an information session at the University of St. Martin (USM) from 6:30pm-8:00pm on the Sickness Insurance Ordinance.

The general public, but especially employed persons are invited to attend the information session. SZV will highlight the rights and obligations as it pertains to those who qualify; employed persons working 5 or 6 days in the private sector, earning less than the maximum wage limit, NAf. 5,651.36 gross per month.

The information session aims to empower insured employees and their dependents on their rights, obligations and benefits. Various topics will be addressed, such as: the right to register their spouse or child(ren); information on contribution; rights to medical services; doctor change periods; sick-leave procedure; limitations of the services; for example that the insurance is not valid abroad.

The healthcare package overview of the Sickness Insurance Ordinance, also known as ZV, will be available via the SZV website This document will be yet another new addition to the website of SZV, highlighting medical services and products that the Sickness Insurance Ordinance provides for those insured.

If you are currently not insured by SZV, but feel that you may qualify, contact SZV via the website, e-mail, message via the SZV Facebook page or call 546-6782 to get more information on how you can register. For those unable to attend the session on Thursday, the session will be live streamed via Facebook.

The information session this Thursday is a part of a series of information events hosted by SZV this year. SZV encourages frequent use of the website and the SZV Facebook page, which offer information on the registration process, qualifications, frequently asked questions and much more.