S.E.L. Maduro and Sons & 365SXM discuss year-round tourism



POINTE BLANCHE – On Friday, February 3, 365SXM and S.E.L. Maduro and Sons met at Maduro’s office in Pointe Blanche to discuss a working relationship aimed at improving St. Maarten/St. Martin as a tourism destination.

365SXM is a new marketing firm that consists of a group of young ambitious professionals that have St. Maarten/St. Martin at heart, and who want to boost year-round tourism for the island. By teaming up with S.E.L. Maduro and Sons, 365SXM can realize organizing events and offer tailor made travel packages to St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Events will be marketed by using the latest technology and social media platforms. 365SXM has representatives on both sides of the island and a few representatives in the Netherlands. Their team comprises of web developers, marketing and tourism experts, graphic and media experts and a business professionals amongst other professions.

365SXM is open to working with all stakeholders in the tourism sector to make St. Maarten/ St. Martin, the number one destination to visit throughout the entire year. 365SXM will be kicking off their events starting with the SXM Choice Awards in July 2017.

S.E.L Maduro and Sons believes in the mission of 365SXM and looks forward to increasing the number of visitors to the island through their partnership.  A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between S.E.L. Maduro and Sons and 365SXM will be signed in the upcoming days.