Library online bookstore officially launched

During the blessing of the Library, Reyna Joe offers priest Curtis Meris a collection of her books.


WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao – Bright Ideas & Services celebrated last Monday, their 28th anniversary with the launching of their library and online book store:

This is part of the project that started in 2006 with a weekly Sunday afternoon reading circle, a continuous effort to promote reading and the sharing of getting knowledge and wisdom.

Initiator of the projects Reyna Joe explained that the whole idea of the Library in a modern day time where the world is digital is simply because reading stays important and not everyone is digital yet. These reading projects complete each other, and are important for people of every age. is a used book project that will give books a second life with a new owner/reader and also give the opportunity to people to buy a book, read it and return it if they choose not to keep it.

President of ADECK, the Association of Small and Medium Businesses in Curaçao Wilbert Geertruida said that every business project is important and especially one that will contribute to the upgrading of business people. “The more a business person reads, the more information they can get to be better in what they are doing,” said Geertruida.

Priest Curtis Meris, before blessing the Library, said that projects like these are very important because reading is so important for everyone. He feels very positive about this project and hopes that more people will use this project to read more.

The Library and offer low level reading challenges and will also be the place for passionate readers. The collection of books is divided in two: a private collection with a broad collection of literature from writers from Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean islands and the Caribbean and topics vary in this collection. The general collection is also a broad collection of literature with complete series of different authors.

The books are from the beginning of the 20th century to now. This library holds a collection of over 10,000 books, which are a combination of the own collections and donations of books from various sources. Not all books are online yet, but efforts are being made to have the books listed as soon as possible.

This project is a continuous process and the desire is to keep it developing, meaning there will be no end to the whole process.

For additional information contact the Library at and/or visit their Facebook page: Bright World Park.