Recovery of criminal proceeds requested by Prosecutor’s Office

Gino Bernadina Spokesman for the Public Prosecutor Office


PHILIPSBURG – The Court of First Instance on Wednesday, December 21, ordered the recovery of criminal proceeds as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office in the court case against A.K. (47).

The order was for the sum of US $122,502.71 and is intended to recover the illegally obtained profit from the embezzlement of jewelry. A.K. was also sentenced to 4 months in jail fully conditional and a probation period of two years for the embezzlement of jewelry.

The accused, in addition, has to serve 160 hours of community service. Orders to recover proceeds of crime fit within the new policy of the Prosecutor’s Office, and from now on the Prosecutor’s Office will submit more such claims to the Court of First Instance.

The aim is to emphasize that “crime does not pay.”