319 Chippie numbers in St. Eustatius go live



SINT EUSTATIUS – Chippie mobile service in Statia is moving to the 319 number range as of 1:00pm on December 1st.

The company is requesting all customers to start using their new 319 SIM cards if they have not already done so. Most 318 Chippie customers have already visited local Chippie representative, Gem Enterprises, to swap their number free to the new Chippie 319 number range. Those who have a 319 SIM card, but have not used it yet, can activate their SIM card by inserting it in their phone and dialing *91. Any credit remaining on the 318 prepaid accounts will also be transferred to their corresponding 319 numbers.

Short transition period

This transition is taking place sooner than the initial timeline planned by the operator. Because telecommunication is a key part of the functioning of a community, UTS was hoping to maintain a longer transition period for the move of its Chippie mobile services. This for the convenience of its customers and for a smooth adjustment with minimal interruption to local economy.

The transfer date of December 1, is a fixed date due to the termination of partnership with EUTEL for mobile services. Those customers who still have a 318 phone number and have not yet upgraded to the 319 number range are invited to visit Gem Enterprises for their free 319 SIM card.

Gem Enterprises is a long-established local company and is UTS’ new partner, bringing a wealth of telecoms experience, and an elevated level of customer care to UTS customers and prospective customers. Anyone interested in trying Chippie mobile service can visit Gem as well for a 319 SIM card.

New numbers, faster service, improved customer care

With the new 319 number range Chippie customers will start enjoying enhanced mobile services very soon. UTS/Windward Islands Cellular Company NV, a St. Eustatius-established company, has been serving the local community for many years with its Chippie GSM service and GPRS and EDGE service. The company recently invested significantly in its local infrastructure and will be switching on its new 3G+ and 4G LTE mobile technologies soon.

“We sincerely regret the inconvenience this short transition period may cause our customers,” said UTS Marketing and Communication Officer Ivy Lambert. “We would have preferred a longer timeline for a minimal interruption in service, but we are confident that they will be pleased with the network improvements we are about to introduce. We invite anyone with questions about the transition to contact us so that we can provide the necessary information. Our team at Gem Enterprises will handle all inquiries professionally and promptly.”