2017 & 2018 National Holidays


Source The Daily Herald

St. Maarten, December 2016:  The Department of Labour has released the National Public Holiday Schedules for 2017 and 2018. The schedules are based on Chapter six  (“Holidays”),

in particular article 23, of the “National Ordinance regulating Work, Working Hours and Overtime” (In Dutch: ‘Arbeidsregeling’). Article 23 stipulates what is considered to be a ‘public holiday’.

Some of the public holidays fall on a weekend, and the law mandates for certain holidays that fall on a Sunday, that the day off be then set for the following Monday or next working day. For example, in 2018 Emancipation Day would be on a Sunday, however we have adjusted the schedule and it will fall on Monday, July 2nd.

In addition, the Carnival Day for the year 2017 falls on Tuesday May 2 and the Carnival Day for the year 2018 falls on Monday April 30th. These dates were established in close consultation with the Sint Maarten Carnival Development Foundation.

The National Public Holidays Schedules for 2017 and 2018 are as follows:


New Year’s Day         Sunday                        January 1, 2017

Good Friday              Friday                          April 14, 2017

Easter Sunday           Sunday                       April 16, 2017

Easter Monday           Monday                       April 17, 2017

Kings day                 Thursday                     April 27, 2017

Labour Day               Monday                       May 1, 2017

Carnival Day             Tuesday                       May 2, 2017

Ascension Day           Thursday                     May 25, 2017

Whit Sunday              Sunday                        June 4, 2017

Emancipation Day       Monday                       July 1, 2017

Constitution Day         Monday                       October 9, 2017

Sint Maarten’s Day     Saturday                      November 11, 2017

Christmas Day           Monday                       December 25, 2017

Boxing Day               Tuesday                       December 26, 2017

Based on article 23, paragraph 3, sub b, Constitution Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October.


New Year’s Day         Monday                       January 1, 2018

Good Friday              Friday                         March 30, 2018

Easter Sunday           Sunday                        April 1, 2018

Easter Monday           Monday                       April 2, 2018

Kings day                 Friday                         April 27, 2018

Carnival Day             Monday                       April 30, 2018

Labour Day               Tuesday                       May 1, 2018

Ascension Day           Thursday                     May 10, 2018

Whit Sunday              Sunday                       May 20, 2018

Emancipation Day       Monday                       July 2, 2018

Constitution Day         Monday                       October 8, 2018

Sint Maarten’s Day     Sunday                       November 11, 2018

Christmas Day           Tuesday                      December 25, 2018

Boxing Day               Wednesday                  December 26, 2018

Based on article 23, paragraph 3, sub b, Constitution Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

Copies of these National Public Holidays Schedules may be obtained via the Government website www.sintmaartengov.org located under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour and the National Gazette