St. Maarten Police Report of Nov. 18



Supermarket robbed by lone gunman

On Thursday, November, Police Central Dispatch was informed of a robbery that had occurred at a Chinese supermarket on Welfare Road in Cole Bay. A lone gunman dressed in black entered the supermarket and robbed the establishment of an undisclosed sum of cash. The Detective Department is busy investigating.

3rd suspect arrested

In connection with the ongoing investigation where Budget Marine was robbed, the Detective Department has arrested a third suspect in this case. Any further updates will be given in a subsequent press release.

Two arrested for trespassing

On Thursday evening, November 17, a 16-year-old female was apprehended after she and her boyfriend decided to trespass onto a property in Pelican to go swimming in the pool. The caretaker of the home became aware of the situation and alerted the Police. The young man ran away, but later came to the station and explained that he had gotten permission by a third party to use the pool. Both were released after being questioned by police.