SDM reach out to Cay Bay community

Terrance Frederick, Rosemary Richardson, Benjamin Ortega, Miguel Warner

CAY BAY – On Saturday, August 13, Benjamin Ortega, leader of the St. Maarten Development Movement (SDM), SDM candidates and Cay Bay residents, came out to Elder Drive to repair a basketball court that has been broken down for quite some time.

The idea came to mind during one of SDM’s ongoing district community meetings when SDM visited Cay Bay. During this visit, residents pointed out the importance of a community playground for their children, and mentioned the basketball court that was in need of repairs.

The basketball court had only one functioning basketball rim that was on the verge of sustaining structural damages.

“While inspecting the facility, we saw that maintenance had not been done for quite some time,” Ortega said. “We also noted that one rim frame was completely removed due to damages.”

Together with Miguel Warner, one of the community members, a plan of action was made to make the necessary repairs. The material needed to do the repairs was donated by SDM members, who they also assisted in executing the repairs. It didn’t take much time or effort to finalize. Missing nuts and bolts were placed to ensure a safe structure for the children to play. Some welding repairs of a broken rim were done and a fresh coat of paint was applied.

The basketball court serves as a safe area where children can play basketball and soccer. During execution of the repairs, fond childhood memories were exchanged of playing on the basketball court in St. Peters.

A playground is extremely important for a community. It brings people together and keep children entertained and away from negative activities. It’s important for children’s upbringing.

This initiative shows that SDM and their members are dedicated to work hard in and for the communities. “We will continue to strive for the positive approach on moving St. Maarten forward together with the people,” Ortega said.

“While in Cay Bay, I spoke to some of the teachers and the principal of the neighboring school who were busy preparing for their first school day. Ideas have been exchanged as to where SDM, the school and the Cay Bay community members can work together to stimulate awareness and cleanliness around the grounds. SDM will keep you updated on any upcoming activities. We would like to thank all residents and SDM members who helped out. A special thank you goes out to Mr.  Miguel Warner from Cay Bay, Mr. Chris Gooding and crew for assisting with the repair works and clean-up of the grounds,” Ortega concluded.