‘The door is still open’


Deliverance Crusade heads to Sucker Garden-

PHILIPSBURG – Canadian-based Guyanese Apostle Colin Esseboom will be in St. Maarten July 3-10, as the main speaker at an evangelistic crusade put on by Thy Kingdom Come Ministries International (TKCMI).

Esseboom is the lead pastor of Dominion Deliverance Ministries, and he will be speaking on the theme: “The Door Is Still Open” under the big tent in The Keys, Sucker Garden. Apostle Esseboom is a world-renowned, and sought after preacher and author who not only teaches the Word, but also hosts empowerment and motivational seminars and conducts deliverance services.

The crusade represents the first of many major outreach activities of this nature that TKCMI will be hosting in the near future with the overarching goal of restoring hope to the nation.

“We are going there to work with other churches in Sucker Garden to lift up the name of Jesus. People have lost their hope and zeal. Many have also given up on life, but there is still time, there is still a better way and the door is still open for you to make it into the Kingdom of God,” host Apostle Leyland Sam said.

The local church that is piloting this vision is located on Longwall Road in Philipsburg, but Sam said that a deliberate attempt is being made to reach out to the people of Sucker Garden, many of whom have been neglected and live in impoverished conditions.

He added that while the crusade will have a strong focus on the spiritual, it also has a mandate to minister to the total man; physical, emotional, financial.

“People are looking for hope in all of the wrong places and they are being disappointed. People feel so condemned because they made so many mistakes, but the door is still open. Then there are others who are so depressed they can’t seem to enjoy life anymore. Everyone has a destiny and purpose and once you are breathing there is still hope. So I urge you to make some time to attend these evangelistic meetings,” Apostle Sam added.

“The Door is Still Open” Crusade will be held at 7:00pm nightly from Sunday, July 3, to Sunday, July 10, in The Keys, Sucker Garden.