UTS to upgrade all Blackberry services to faster mobile networks


PHILIPSBURG – With its newest 4G LTE mobile network being operational for over 6 months and the Chippie 3G + network also being available for almost 3 years, UTS has come a long way from the GPRS and EDGE data services it introduced many years ago.

The company is now able to offer much higher speeds over these newer networks, and most customers have gladly upgraded to the newer services because of the new possibilities these higher speeds offer.

The company has also taken steps to encourage customers to upgrade with various promotional offers specifically aimed at upgrading their SIM card and the related service. The time has now come to transition the last group of remaining BlackBerry customers who still use the older GPRS/EDGE service.

“For some customers moving to the newer networks may just require an adjustment in the settings in their phone. Others may need to replace their SIM card with a newer type. They keep their same number, but the physical chip will be a more updated type. There are also some customers whose actual devices are a bit outdated. This applies especially to some of the older models of BlackBerry handsets that may not be fully supported on the newer mobile platforms,” said UTS Marketing and Communication officer Ivy Lambert.

“In that case, you may want to replace your device to get the most out of your mobile service. For those particular customers we will have a special upgrade offer that will allow a handset upgrade at a reasonable price. We already had a few upgrade campaigns over the past year, encouraging customers to come in and upgrade their SIM card to use our new, faster services.

Although the campaigns were very successful and many customers gladly upgraded, for some the timing may not have been right or their schedule didn’t permit. So for this group we’re extending our upgrade offer once more. We are also available to assist customers in setting up their new service to make sure that they get the most out of it. They will see how fantastic things like voice and video calling can be, thanks to the upgrade in their data speed. We are excited to introduce our customers to these new possibilities,” Lambert stated.

“After the transition of this group of Blackberry customers to our faster networks, we will also approach the last group of customers that are still using GPRS/EDGE based mobile internet. Those using our NET-ON mobile internet service. This transition will commence within short, but upgrading is possible at any time,” Lambert continued.

GPRS/EDGE-based BlackBerry service will officially be phased out on June 1. UTS invites customers or anyone else interested in more information on the new, faster mobile internet service to visit their stores, or contact the Service Center at +1 (721) 588-1010, infosxm@uts.sx  or at ChippieSXM on Facebook.

“Our team is ready to assist and make the transition as smooth as possible,” said UTS Eastern Caribbean Chief Commercial Officer Christina Sprock. “Not only is there the possibility to upgrade to a new faster network, but these customers may also be interested in our new postpaid plans that offer maximum savings, and the convenience of subscription-based service. No top-ups needed, because you receive a monthly bill from us for your calls, text and mobile internet usage. Plans start as low as $15 a month and the sign-up is simple,” Sprock stated.