USM appoints new Dean of Academics


PHILIPSBURG – In continuation of the University’s strategy for growth, Genève Phillip has joined the University of St. Martin (USM) family.

USM expanded its resources and introduced the new Dean of Academics Genève Phillip. Dean Philip describes herself as the quintessential Caribbean woman, with the vision and ambition to contribute to the creation of a better region through various mediums of engagement and advocacy.

Phillip attained a BSc in Public Sector Management, Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations and has an MSc in Global Studies from the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus. She is currently reading for her PhD in International Relations at The UWI Institute of International Relations, which is scheduled for completion this year.

Dean Phillip has been in academia for the past 10 years and has gained a significant degree of exposure for her work, having been invited to present at conferences throughout the Caribbean region, North America and Europe. Phillip worked at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada and the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. Her hope is to increase the regional and international visibility of USM by way of her professional memberships in the Caribbean Studies Association, the International Studies Association and the International Small Island Studies Association, among others.

She brings to USM, an awareness of and familiarity with the Caribbean region, coupled with a substantial degree of cultural intelligence, which enables her to function in and adapt to any global setting. What she hopes primarily to accomplish at USM, is the fostering of an environment where students will receive the educational experience in which they are confident in the education systems in the region and are encouraged to stay; where faculty feels appreciated and adequately rewarded for their efforts. “Both academic and non-academic staff could see themselves as being collectively responsible for fostering a community of comradery, mutual respect and support,” she commented.