U2 Can Move climbs Mt. Scenery in Saba


THE BOTTOM, Saba – On Sunday, June 12, members of the “U2 Can Move” fitness group spearheaded by Sarah Wescott-Williams, traveled to Saba on board of the ferry Edge, after being invited and challenged by Dave Levenstone to come over, climb a large mountain, and carry home bragging rights as being able to climb the highest peak in the Dutch Kingdom.

“I have been following this group for several months via Facebook and felt it was time to challenge them to come to Saba, and I am very grateful that they decided to come over and climb Mount Scenery. It was a great challenge for some as it was their very first time coming to Saba and to take on such a walk,” Levenstone said.

The entire group enjoyed their day out on the island of “Nature and Romance.” Remarkably, Wescott-Williams was the first person to reach the top of Mount Scenery, and did it in a record time of less than 1 hour.

Commissioner welcoming Sarah-001“It is my strong belief and feelings that trips such as these can bring the brotherly and sisterly unity back amongst the islands, and I look forward in promoting many other trips like this maybe not all the time to climb Mount Scenery because we do have some great trails on the island that persons can walk. It can be also used as a form of team building. Now that we are going into the tourist off-season, I am sure trips like these can become very healthy for our brothers and sisters from St. Maarten especially,” Levenstone stated.

“I am hereby calling and making a special appeal on Windward Island Airways Ltd to also come up with a creative way, and offer reduced rates for persons that may not want to travel by boat to also come and visit. I am confident that if Winair wants to really boost their travels to Saba especially in the weekends, they can put on a special weekend get-away to Saba and I am most sure that many locals on St. Maarten would want to get away and relax. I am also appealing to our local hotels to come up with a creative weekend package for our friends from St. Maarten,” Levenstone continued.

“In the coming days I will be challenging and calling on other groups on St. Maarten to come over and pay a visit doing something very positive. Entities like the Police Department of St. Maarten, the Bankers Association, the insurance companies, the taxi drivers, security companies,  the politicians, the entire business community of St. Maarten especially those that are doing business with the island on a daily basis. Even the members of the press will be challenged to come over, and let’s walk some mountain or hill or trail on Saba,” Levenstone said.

“Not because our constitutional status has changed, we cannot do things together, we are still one and that we have to strengthen. I intend to do my part towards this,” a happy Levenstone – who also walked with the group – said.

Although it was not a clear day the group enjoyed just being up in the clouds.

Levenstone thanked Commissioner of Culture and Sports Rolando Wilson for his cooperation and attendance, the Executive Council, Saba Telephone Company, the Saba Tourist Department, the two school bus drivers and those that participated from Saba.

Mount Scenery Challenge-001

Photo 1: The U2 Can Move Fitness group from St. Maarten along with some locals that walked to the top. The Saba group carried the slogan “Saba to Exercise More.”

sarah and wilson saba-001

Photo 2: Sarah Wescott-Williams presenting Commissioner Rolando Wilson with a t-shirt from the U2 Can Move fitness group. All Photos by Z.e Photography