One of the robbery suspect arrested


PHILIPSBURG – On Monday, June 13, the KPSM released two pictures attached to their press release via the Police Facebook Page, and other media outlets of two persons suspected of being involved in armed robberies committed recently. During the robbery, the victims were held at gunpoint and their valuables taken from them.

As a result of this release, one of the suspects with initials J.C. (21) voluntarily turned himself in at the Philipsburg Police Headquarters on Tuesday morning, June 14. The suspect was arrested on the spot for these robberies. The KPSM is on the look-out for the second suspect, who has not yet been arrested. The search to locate and arrest him will continue.

The KPSM is thanking the entire community for their quick response in providing information regarding these suspects, and encouraged them to come on board with them in the battle against crime. The community should continue to give information to help solve many cases. Crime is not only a police problem, it’s every one’s problem. The police cannot do it alone.