Public Prosecutor ask 25 years jail for R.O.R and 15 years for B.A.D.


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Tackling Gas Station 2PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The court of fist instance on Wednesday handled the murder case code named “Shoregun” which involves the murder of a SOL gas attendant on November 30th 2015 in Cole Bay at the Tacklin Gas Station.

Two suspects Ronald Orlando Robinson the suspected trigger man and Brandon Alberto Dixin the suspected accomplice, had their case examined by the judge in a detailed fashion.

According to the case file the suspect Ronald O. Robinson on November 30th 2015 at 6:25pm walked up to the gas attendant at the Tacklin SOL Gas Station and demanded money. It is said that the gas attendant then told the young robber, “you gonna shot me?”. He was then shot three times, one in the head and the remaining bullets to his body.

The robber then goes through the pockets of the dead gas attendant who was laying on the ground, robbing him of the gas station’s earnings after which he walked across the road towards a Hyundai I30 car that was waiting on him.

Seemingly the money that they obtained from this robbery was not enough for them and they proceeded towards the Simpson Bay SOL gas station where they committed their second robbery in similar fashion.

SOL Gas station (2)
Photo by John Halley / The Daily Herald

The getaway car which was driven by Brandon Alberto Dixin was parked on the out side of the gas station from which Robinson is said to have departed from and walked towards the gas station where he committed the second robbery.

After robbing the cash from the attendant he walked towards the getaway car and both suspects drove away in the direction of the Causeway bridge.

A witness followed the suspects and the police was notified however the witness was stopped by the robbers and the keys of his vehicle taken away after which the robbers proceeded with their getaway towards the causeway bridge.

The police intercepted the suspected robbers on the causeway bridge and on the back seat of the car they found cash for which the suspects could not account for.

After a search a fire arm which was later linked to the murder was discovered. As a result for the discovery of the fire arm and cash the suspects were arrested by the police.

The public prosecutor in this case requested 25 years jail term for the suspected trigger man R.O.R. who has been charged with manslaughter, robbery, extortion and possession of a fire arm.

Suspect B.A.D. was charged as an accomplice to manslaughter and a request for 15 years imprisonment was requested by the prosecution.

SOL Gas station (1)
Photo by John Halley / The Daily Herald