MP Tamara Leonard questions why MOT session is closed-door


PHILIPSBURG – Member of Parliament (MP) Tamara Leonard is questioning why the scheduled session with the Financial Intelligence Unit MOT on Friday, May 20, is behind closed door.

MP Leonard wrote to MP Sarah Wescot-Williams, in her capacity as Chairwoman of Parliament, asking why the meeting scheduled was a closed-door session. She also wanted to know who requested the MOT session be held behind closed doors. On what grounds, and by whose request was the closed door session granted.

The MP wrote her letter on the role of the MOT, and its functioning in the community is of high importance to residents and businesses. This meeting should be an opportunity for the public along with MPs to learn about the MOT.

The MP said she looks forward to receiving Wescot-Williams’ prompt answers as soon as possible and before Friday’s session.7