Minister Lee briefed on ambulance staff training


ambulance-001CAYHILL, Sint Maarten —  – An intense training in basic life support, and advance life support was given to ambulance staff last week by Ruud Verhalle, and Rogier Evenhuis, who are both nurse practitioners in emergency care from the Regional Ambulance Service (RAV) located in Brabant Middle- West-North Holland.

Discussions about the upgrading of the ambulance equipment, trainings, ways to improve the comfort of the patient, and expansion of medications, were some topics discussed with the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Emil Lee on Friday, May 13, during a briefing about the staff training.

Minister Lee stated, “I am delighted to see that the Ambulance Department is continuing with training efforts to maintain their proficiency. Continuing education is always a vital part of any professional’s career development. A special thanks to the RAV for assisting with this training program and I look forward to continued cooperation.”

Ambulance Department Head drs. Cylred Richardson said: “this is just the beginning of a series of professional training and support that was negotiated with RAV for continued quality improvements. The ultimate goal is to educate and sharpen the skills of the acute ambulance care organization with the latest developments in acute care taking the local situation into account.”

This training was done in collaboration with RAV as part of a 3½ year cooperation agreement between both ambulance services that was signed in 2015.

“The staff was very receptive to the training. The ambulance staff received cardiac training, so that they could know what to do in case of cardiac arrest. Before this training, we did an assessment, and the level of the ambulance staff was already pretty high, but became even higher after the training,” said nurse practitioner Verhalle.

Minister Lee was also informed that a training coordinator will be needed in order for the maintenance of the skills learned.