UP board blast Education Minister for moving system backwards


PHILIPSBURG – “Education is the main building block for any forward thinking democracy and we stand firm behind that belief,” the United People’s Party (UP) board stated.

“We are still reeling from the new education program titled, education on the move, of Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs which was recently unveiled. It wreaks nothing short of a campaign ploy on the eve of a critical parliamentary election for our country,” the UP board added.

“The new project alludes to reading but her support and visibility in any of the public or privatized schools was zero at the initial start date,” the UP board empathically stated.

The UP board went on to add, “In August the minister plans to disrupt regular school for what wreaks of a hidden election tactic to keep her in office by marching with no tangible objective to remedy the issues affecting education. We simply do not condone this as disrupting valuable teachable hours for our children in classrooms is of paramount importance to their continued educational growth.”

“Imagine this same Minister was critical of our MP Tamara Leonard as she genuinely supported teachers of the public schools and today nothing of substance is coming out of the education ministry,” the UP board stated.


“We are calling on the general public to remain vigilant of these apparent campaign ploys as the Ministers postponement of extended hours for public education schools adds to the list. Wasn’t it this same education minister that initiated the idea for extended school hours for public education schools?  Our education system is moving back under this current minister,” the UP board questioned.