Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers Tours GEBE Power Plant


CAY BAY, Sint Maarten  – The Honorable Minister of VROMI  Angel Meyers was invited for  a tour at  the GEBE power plant on Friday April 15, 2016. The tour was guided by the GEBE power plant manager Mr. Kenrick Chittick.

Mr. Chittick showed the Minister the five houses where 19 engines are situated. Of the 19 engines, 6 are not operational. Of the six, two engines are on standby, 2 are awaiting repair and the last two have been there since 1987 and are to be broken down and shipped out. In addition Engine #20 will arrive on the island later this year and is expected to be operational by December 2016.

The Minister also received some explanation regarding the operations on the plant, the technical equipment used, future goals and some difficulties the power plant are facing.

The Minister was surprised at the conditions the GEBE plant employees work under and the sacrifices they make. The Minister applauds and appreciates their efforts and hard work.

Mr. Chittick expressed his appreciation for the fact that Minister Meyers is the first Minister in years to show interest in the operations of the GEBE power plant, located in the Cay Bay area.