Management and staff of Oyster Bay Beach Resort led a cleanup campaign


OYSTER POND – The management and staff of Oyster Bay Beach Resort led a neighborhood and community cleanup effort on Friday morning April 1st, 2016.

The Oyster Bay staff was joined by timeshare owners and condo owners staying at the Resort.

The crew, totaling 35 volunteers spent about three hours cleaning the Oyster Pond Road from Bishop Hill junction all the way down to the Resort. Cleaning the road side of debris and discarded trash.

They collected 83 bags of garbage that ranged from beer bottles, plastic cups to discarded car parts.

“We are very satisfied with our accomplishment. The area is now a pleasurable site to drive through.  We hope the general public using the Oyster Pond Road as well as the visitors to the area will refrain from throwing their garbage on the roadside.” Said Assistant GM, Anne-Marie Brooks.