NIPA admits that Richard's dismissal wasn't taken in accordance with the law.

Attorney Cindy Marica
Attorney Cindy Marica

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The court case between Nipa and Vernon Richards was handled this morning. Richards’ attorney Cindy Marica submitted a petition in which the Court was requested to declare the dismissal of Richards on June 10th null and void.

Nipa  who was previously represented by attorney Groeneveldt has now engaged the services of Attorney Jairo Bloem.

Nipa didn’t protest against the requested declaration that the dismissal was null and void, it was admitted that the decision regarding Richard’s dismissal wasn’t taken in accordance with the law.

It is expected that the judge will honor the claim of NIPA that the dismissal is null and void, which would mean that the dissolution per November 1st 2015 will take  effect. Judgment is scheduled for January 20th 2016.

Nipa however doesn’t agree with the compensation awarded to Richards in the dissolution decision of October 21st 2015 and has appealed this decision.

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