“False (sense of) Democracy equals borderline Dictatorship”


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — SDM is amazed by the way the current government can predict the nearby future. Claiming with certainty that the decree to postpone elections WILL be signed off by the governor of St. Maarten is presumptuous at best.  The government is not only making assumptions about what they perceive to be the wishes of the people, but they also claim to have support of the people of St. Maarten.

SDM can only conclude that regardless of what people in St. Maarten say, write, think or do, the persons in power will continue to do as they please. On Dec 10, 2015, the Day of Human Rights it was made clear once again that the people of St. Maarten are allowed limited RIGHTS. Trying to make wishes sound right by referring to popular terms such as  “Ship Jumping and Electoral Reform” doesn’t make it right.  It only demonstrates power driven individuals fighting against real reform.

St. Maarten has been presented the right to vote and should not be misled once again by the Status Qou. If the current government really wants to speak for the people, then ask the people what they want first. Their answers should lead to a clear Yes or No to Elections in February 2016.

This is NOT rocket science. Keep it Simple Direct and Measurable.

We are all entitled to an equal opportunity to a better Quality of Life. Progress that is measureable through solutions which promote economic growth, infrastructure and environmental improvements, social and human development, and especially now Good Governance. This will also provide the needed Relief that our people are so desperately longing for.

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