Democratic Party: Need we say more?!


It was with some amusement that we read the press release by the Board of the UPP on November 24th.  For the board of that party to criticize the decision by DP’s newly installed Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA), the Hon. Mr. Emil Lee to remain true to his campaign promise of being open and transparent by opening up his cabinet selection process to the public, in an attempt to attract the best and brightest professionals to work in the interest of St. Maarten, baffles us.

It’s quite obvious through the embarrassing performance (or lack thereof), that the UPP led government has no notion whatsoever about being open and transparent with the people’s affairs. It’s one thing to profess professionalism and readiness, but it’s another to show it through action. We can surely understand though why this has caused such an uproar in the UPP camp, simply because, they’re just not used to the openness and transparency; even within their own party. Their own MP J. Leonard has confirmed this in no uncertain terms.

Here’s some unsolicited advice from the DP board: “look deep within and realize that the ‘old’ way of politics is no longer welcomed by the people. The people are awake and will no longer be fooled by your expensive gimmicks, empty promises, and blatant neglect.”

It is time to seriously build this nation with genuine people, the young and the experienced, and those whose hearts are in the right place. The DP and its leader have been very consistent with its approach toward open government, integrity, transparency, and proven leadership; something the UPP can never measure up to, no matter how “ready” they profess to be.

We have the utmost confidence in the talent and intellect available within, and rest assured that our own party members have also applied for the coveted cabinet positions.

You see, once Minister Lee took his oath, he became Minister for all of St. Maarten and not just a few. With this said, we applaud his decision to give everyone a fair shot at serving his/her country.  Today with both the President of Parliament and the Minister of VSA, the DP is showing that it is the party of vision and progressive change which is backed by the calm certainty of knowledge and experience.

Instead of the UPP’s unfounded and desperate attacks on the DP, it should be focusing on its own membership.  A UPP roll-call or a membership count will show whose membership is really in shambles. The UPP board and leadership remind us of a lonely frog in a deep well; mistaking his own echo for that of a thousand frogs!

In closing, to quote from the editorial of one of our daily newspapers “What we regret is that the political debate is rapidly deteriorating and that some frustrated politicians who have lost their precious ‘UPPer’ hand, are going down to this level.” Need we say more??

The Democratic Party of St. Maarten remains committed to serving ALL of the people of St. Maarten.