Prime Minister Gumbs: Strong public services are a powerful development resource

Prime Minister Hon. Marcel Gumbs

PHILIPSBURG – “The Public Service Center (PSC) at Simpson Bay and the one to be established in the New Government Building, is a representation of promoting better service to the community.  Strong public services are often society’s most powerful development resource,” Prime Minister/Minister of General Affairs Marcel Gumbs said on Thursday.

Gumbs adds that a strong public service can build institutions that play a huge role in enabling people to fulfil their potential within an environment where their ideas, actions and society as a whole can flourish.

The PSC which falls under the Ministry of General Affairs, should be seen in the light of Government’s first steps in becoming a leader in public service excellence based on the one-stop service provider concept.

“We are in the process of building a professional public service with integrity, diversity and a focus on clients and result oriented. Much has been done over the years, but improvement and re-development are concepts that do not remain stagnant, but are always on the move and improving.  Therefore, the civil service of Sint Maarten has to be able to adjust and incorporate new things in order to be able to provide the best services for the people of Sint Maarten.

“The one-stop service concept is about putting people first; putting businesses first, in order for both types of clients to be able to maximize their opportunities with respect to the services rendered.  The one-stop shop enables citizens, businesses and customers a single access point to information and service transactions.  The key aspects are speed, value, choice, engagement and responsiveness.

“Our community demands service in an efficient and effective manner where delivery is concerned.  Delivering on the aforementioned has led to Government changing its way of working by delivering the services demanded and required by our clients which also includes local and foreign investors.

“The overall goal of our PSC is to ensure that the aforementioned is achieved as we continue to build Sint Maarten’s Civil Service Corps to serve the citizens of our wonderful island.  I am looking forward to your continued cooperation and collaboration,” Prime Minister/Minister of General Affairs Marcel Gumbs said in a recent message to the civil service.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, also minister of General Affairs.