Member of Parliament Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams
Member of Parliament Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — As a country that has known our share of disasters,  it is heart wrenching to see the reports and scenes coming out of Dominica, as this island was battered by torrential rains, flooding and mudslides, associated with TS Erika.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Government and people of Dominica, and especially with those who have lost family members during the ordeal.
We remember those who  are separated from loved ones,  those who are without a home, those who have lost everything following the storm.

Only the people of these islands know what it feels like every year again to go through the uncertainty of not knowing how the hurricane season will pan out and who will be affected and to what extent.

We are still in the peak of the 2015  hurricane season and we have already felt the wrath of nature, and don’t know what is still to come.

” I applaud the efforts underway to assist our brothers and sisters in Dominica. Their suffering is immense and their needs are great. Let us  in St. Maarten remain vigilant and pray for our country and our neighbors. ” MP Sarah Wescot-Williams, DP leader

Let us continue to be prepared and look out for one another.