A man was arrested for domestic violence


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — A 32-year old man, originally from the Dominican Republic, was arrested by the police on Monday morning at 01 a.m.

He came to the Philipsburg police station to claim he had been shot in the leg. His injury was examined by a doctor, but the doctor couldn’t find any evidence that the wound was caused by a fire arm. Police officers were sent to his house on Easter Cactus Drive to find out what the situation was. They discovered a completely destroyed household and a woman who was in great panic.

The woman claimed the man had committed domestic violence and that he was possibly under the influence of drugs, which caused him to commit this act. Witnesses confirmed her story, because they came to assist the woman when they heard the loud noises and screams coming from the house.

The man was arrested by the police and taken to the Philipsburg police station.  A machete was confiscated for further investigation.