Business Outreach & Placement Program preparation in full force, Online registration now possible; Students with temporary residency now eligible to participate

Minister Hon. Rita Bourne-Gumbs

Great Bay -The Department of Youth Affairs has announced the start of the application period for the annual Business Outreach and Placement Program (BOPP) 2015.

The BOPP, coordinated by the Department of Youth Affairs, is dedicated  to placing pre-exam and  exam students, aged 16 to 24 and who are attending secondary education as well as first-year tertiary level education in a work experience traineeship during the month of July. The main objective of the BOPP is to provide a work experience based on the students’ possible career ambition.

All students entering the program will gain knowledge by engaging in a compulsory training that is provided prior to the start of BOPP and  finally gain an invaluable work experience. As a result, the gap between the academic and business world is bridged by affording student trainees with an opportunity to develop their skills and competences in various government departments and in the private sector. The host organization or department also stands to benefit from the competent and often times innovative perspective that  students can offer.

This year, the BOPP program is scheduled to take place from July 6th,through July 31st , 2015 and will mark its 17th anniversary. The  program will consist of the usual application period, orientation activities and training, pre-selection for interviews and final selection for a placement.

In keeping with the ever changing technological trends, the Department of Youth Affairs has employed the use of Facebook to promote the BOPP ever since 2014. In the meanwhile the department has decided to take the program to yet another level by making online registration possible to student applicants and all other public and private sector stakeholders to increase ease and efficiency for all involved.

Additionally, as the department is constantly striving to “Inspire, Educate and Empower” our local students, changes to the admittance policy of the BOPP have been brought about by now allowing students with a temporary resident permit to participate in the work experience program.              This change in policy is however only applicable providing that one is in possession of valid documents and meet the additional requirements. The latter can be considered as a big welcome as these students were previously ineligible to take part in the program.

Students can access the online application form by visiting the Youth Affairs Department on Facebook: St. Maarten Youth Affairs or by visiting the St. Maarten Government website

In addition to contacting their school guidance counselor for application forms, students can also visit to the St. Maarten Youth Desk on Backstreet 49 across from Penny’s Department Store or the Philipsburg Jubilee Library to access the link to the form via the public computers or collect a printed form.

The deadline to submit registration and all supporting documents will be on June 5th, 2015 and can either be delivered to the St. Maarten Youth Desk office or be sent via email to The St. Maarten Youth Desk  will be from Monday to Friday between 1.00 p.m. and 5.00 better accommodate all students during this period.

Students are encourage to “Like” our Facebook page so that they can keep abreast with all BOPP and Youth Affairs Department related notices and activities.

Business owners are encouraged to participate in the program and support the youth as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility to the community. Businesses that are willing to participate or seek more information can contact the department of Youth Affairs for further information at telephone number: 542-2056/ 5423873 or via fax: 54-20643 or send an e-mail to: