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Jean-Marie Molina

By Jean-Marie Molina

People are always quick to tell you or to point to you and say: Oh be quiet, cause you are not born here. Or you are not from here so you need to be silent.

Let me just remind some of you that is the same ones you keep calling foreigners are the ones that teach your (rude ass) children, save your marriages and relationships, get you out of debt. Clean your nasty ass houses and feed you. Cause you can do absolutely nothing for yourself.

They also operate and give you medical care and save your ungrateful lives. These foreigners also pay taxes and help keep your country afloat. Some even work much harder and contribute much more than you who were so called “born here”. How conveniently you forget that. Especially when you are seeking votes!

Some of you say a foreigner cannot love your country more than you do. Yet foreigners do that every single day! Give their heart and soul for your country while lots and lots of you sit on your dumb, illiterate asses and do absolutely NOTHING to better yourself or your country. Give me a damn break: love for country is more than just words!

Now let me also add this:
When you are living in another mans country: abide and respect his laws and traditions. Don’t wear out your welcome! Respect the people! Cause lots of us also go to people’s country and have no respect whatsoever for them or their land!

However if you are contributing, then don’t allow a soul to silence you! Your money is not refused because you are a foreigner. So let your voice be heard.

This Xenophobic abuse of people must end!

Next time you want to run your twat off about foreigners think about that!! #smdh