Reader beware – the easily offended should not read



Taken from The Caribbean Herald N.V. dba The Daily Herald
04 OCTOBER 2019

Dear Editor,

When you cannot call the police for help, who should you call? A thug on the street, take the law in one’s own hands? I’d love to hear an answer from the Police Chief on that. It’s a very serious question. When one of his rookie cops promotes hate, violence against women, racism, nepotism, taunting others, provoking others , a full-on bully, well I believe the top cop owes the community an explanation. Well at least us minorities.

Allow me to elaborate. I own a house in a gated community, not the bank, I own it. Now, across the road lives a rookie cop. A woman – I believe it’s a female, that’s debatable – this individual rents the house with 5-plus other adults and a soccer team of children, packed into a 3-bedroom house with random thugs coming and going. Drug house, brothel or both?

It has become evident that the actual owners of the house are slum landlords. Only concerned with fast cash to pay their mortgage with no care in the world with respect to the trash and increase in crime they have brought to a “so-called” gated community. At the risk of sounding like a snob, ha! Actually, I don’t care if I do. When you buy into a gated community you are buying into a lifestyle. If I wanted to live amongst cars parked endlessly, loud ghetto music (F you this, F yo P this) , people in my business checking the colour of my panties, running their mouths with false gossip and random thugs passing/hanging out in front of my home, well, I would have bought a shack in a neighbourhood known for this social class of individuals.

I didn’t, I invested where I was assured by the developer (Koozie development) that it would be a quiet, safe neighbourhood. He lied….Not shocking from such a devious man.

Recently, the thugs are running ramped. Parked in cars with black tint, idling, hanging out. I didn’t realize black tint on windows was legal again. I missed the memo, or is that for cops only and their friends/family? The rookie cop has had her boys running through the neighbourhood as apparently someone is after her. Ha, imagine that, she’s bringing crime to a 4-road gated community. Shocking! Trash attracts trash. You are the company you keep.

Thankfully I have a home security system that records all of this as proof. Last night I proceeded to take a photo of a thug’s car that is always in front of my house. The thug [number plate provided to this newspaper – Ed.] came waddling out screaming explicitness. Words that cannot be published. In basic English he advised me he will F me up, he will slash my tires and he is going to teach me how St. Maarten people “take care of people like me.

I can only draw the conclusion that “people like me” means white people, foreigners. He then proceeded to grab me by my shoulders and pushed me down. It’s no secret how St. Maarten people despise foreigners and especially white people. Jealousy makes people violent.

I have all his threats and physical assault on video. Should anything happen to myself, my child, my vehicles, my home, my properties, my business…let’s just say if I find anything out of line, it will be safe to say that this rookie cop and her thugs are cashing in on their threats to me.

So, again, I ask the Chief of Police. Do you only help the black community? White people should stay quiet and accept the abuse. The racism in your force has been obvious for years. Sadly, people are scared to bring it to the media’s attention. Tourists should be warned that they will never receive help from your cops. It’s interesting how you want the white man coming here to spend their money. Hands are open for an income.

To all you sensitive people who are having trouble swallowing this truth pill, well choke on it. I am sick and tired of the hypocrisy, racism, and bigotry, all sprinkled with nepotism. People “like us” are told to shut up. Well make this clear, I will protect my family tooth and nail, I will never sit down and shut up. I have a voice and you will not silence me.

Mary De Francesco