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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten —  Newly instated Member of Parliament, Anna Richardson made her presence known in Monday’s Central Committee meeting by announcing her preparedness to petition to Parliament for the establishment of a new permanent Committee.

The new Committee would focus specifically on bridging the gap between Parliament and the residential population via strengthened District/Neighborhood community councils. MP Richardson explained that she has been championing for District Community Councils since 2016, whereby the sixty-five neighborhoods within the eight districts on Dutch St. Maarten would establish their respective councils to strengthen the relationships between residents, Parliament and Government.

“The establishment of this committee will help reduce residents’ sentiments of neglect and abandonment by those of us tasked to represent them. A dedicated body within Parliament that is focused solely on meeting with elected representatives of each district/neighborhood on an ongoing basis is what is needed to address the social issues affecting the day to day lives of our people. In response, we could call upon Ministries responsible to initiate plans of action to remedy the problems,” stated the MP in a press release.

MP Richardson continued on to state, “The time of standing within parameters strategically designed to keep us stagnated while narrow interests are protected by putting off unpleasant decisions — has surely passed.

Recognize the new wave of representatives that are focused and are working hard to redirect St. Maarten for the greater good.”