It’s official now MP Meyers declared himself independent



Read the official letter dated September 11th 2019 from MP Meyers to the President of Parliament. Letter below:

President of Parliament

The Honorable Sarah Wescot Williams
Wilhelminastraat #1


Honorable President of Parliament,
I would like to thank the United Democrats and the St.Maarten Christian Party, for allowing me to be part of this coalition. The coalition started out with the objective of rebuilding St. Maarten after the passing of hurricane Irma and to take decisions in the best interest and common good of the People.

Much to my disappointment and for sometime now there has been a consistent undertow by some of our fellow Members of Parliament within our own coalition.As a  responsible member of this Government l can no longer support this government as it suffers through the consistent challenges of cohesion and oneness in the best interest of the People. I hereby declare my an independent member of Parliament.

Moving forward I’m open to discuss with the coalition my support as an independent member of Parliament.

It was my sincere wish to have the Government run its’ term, uninterrupted, it is clear that personal agendas will continue to get in the way of proper execution of decisions for those that have elected us.

After extensive thought and consideration I hereby withdraw my support from the present government. I sincerely wish that we could have held it together for 4 years…

Yours Sincerely,

Franklin Meyers
Member of Parliament