“Trump Card”: Extremely disgusted with the government of St. Maarten


Dear Editor, 

I am sure some of you reading this will simply question who I am, or express that you do not care, but I am extremely disgusted with the government of St. Maarten, and I’m also disappointed in my SXM people.

What I’ve noticed we do on SXM is that we could congregate well, but when it’s time to take action we pull back and come up with stupid excuses such as “I still have to live here so I have to be careful how I do and say things.”

If that’s the case, keep all of your opinions to yourself, because stating you’re from here should encourage you to fight for what you believe in, not just continue to congregate behind closed doors.

Now regarding our governor… How could you appoint the Minister of VSA when you already knew she did not pass? What does that say about your integrity? You have all of these formateurs running like chickens without heads while you and the Dutch watch and laugh. You’re the person who gets all of the reports on who doesn’t pass a screening. I’ve been working for US Federal Government for over 18 years, therefore do not attempt to fool me.

I am telling you that you knew the Minster of VSA’s background was not cleared, but you disregarded it with the mentality of “don’t worry we are going to swear her in anyway but get it cleaned up.” Which is what she attempted to do, but the check bounced and exposed how corrupted our country is. This is completely unacceptable Mr. Governor, and there’s no way to sugar coat it. These statements are not merely my opinions, these are FACTS. Who dropped the ball Governor?

People of St. Maarten, this election is extremely important. I’m not a candidate, I’m a concerned native that understands that we all have to do extensive research before going out to vote. For instance: if you had issues or didn’t approve of Theo, don’t vote for number 4 on the UP list, because the government will continue to be run by Theo. (Because number 4 on the UP slate said it herself “a vote for her is a VOTE for Theo.”)

If you didn’t approve of Franky don’t vote for number 3, because it will still be run by Franky, and etc. I am not taking shots at these individuals by any means, on the contrary I’m merely stating FACTS.

I am seeing new faces, but investigate and pay attention to where they originated. For example, how can I vote for someone who has a criminal background? The island is too small for us to use the excuse of not knowing who has a police record or not that’s running on these slates.

In her last press briefing prior to leaving office, Leona Marlin indicated everything that is occurring behind the scenes, but it appears that the message went over all of your heads. No, I’m not a Leona Marlin supporter, but a supporter of FACTS, not just an opinion.

Kind Regards,
Trump Card