Radio Stations team up for Green Stream Event


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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Wednesday November 27th, a group of Radio Stations will come together to propose an innovative on-air event about sustainability for Sint Maarten, in support of the Call for Action against single-use plastics launched by the Green Initiatives. The objective is to raise awareness about sustainability, and to show that Sint Maarteners are in favor of a ban on single-use plastic, with solutions already existing on the island.

Prime Time SXM online, My88.3FM, Island92 (91.9FM) & 105.1FM will join forces tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 27th to propose a one of a kind ‘’Green Stream’’ talk show. During the Green Stream, listeners will hear about the economic, environmental and social reasons of why we should eliminate single-use plastics from our island.

Nina Bijnsdorp, Coordinator for this project under the Green Initiatives group, admits that although it took some time to figure out the logistics, the event shaped up nicely with a collective spirit and the support from all Green Initiatives. She adds with a smile that many surprises are to come for the listeners of the show on that day.

The Green Stream radio show will focus exclusively on sustainability and showcasing solutions to replace single-use plastics for Sint Maarten. Held at Lagoonies Bar & Bistro from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., persons are encouraged to listen in or pass by to give their opinion on how to preserve Sint Maarten’s environment. Radio hosts will be interviewing over 15 different Green Initiatives to explain more about the current work being done to protect the environment on the island. Everyone is welcome to tune in and contribute, as there will be fun on-air activities, sustainable prizes and giveaway questions for the audience.

This event is a way to push forward the Green Initiatives’ Call for Action against single-use plastics that now counts near 6000 signatures, with the objective to reach 10 000 signatures by December 31st, 2019. The Green Initiatives group believes it is about time Sint Maarten passes and enforces legislation against single-use plastics, the island being the last red dot on the map in the Caribbean regarding signing and implementing such a ban. The Call for Action can be found at

The Green Initiatives is a group formed with all environmentally friendly non-profits and businesses on the island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin (Dutch & French). This group was created in January 2019 with the goal to collaborate and partner with each other to tackle the bigger issues involving sustainability on the island. All work is volunteer work.

For more information about the Green Stream event, the Green Initiatives and/or the Call for Action against single-use plastics, please contact