URSM Celebrates the admittance of Richinel Brug to Member of Parliament

PHILIPSBURG – The leadership and board of the Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement (URSM) proudly announce the admittance of Mr. Richinel Brug as the newest incoming Member of Parliament once sworn. Mr. Brug’s appointment marks a significant milestone for URSM as a newly established political force committed to the progressive governance of St. Maarten.
Mr. Brug will join forces with URSM faction leader, MP Sjamira Roseburg, in actively representing and advocating for the interests of St. Maarten’s people. Together, they have signed the governing accord alongside current coalition members, underscoring a unified front in the pursuit of transformative governance.
The board of URSM wishes to express its profound disappointment with the tactics employed by the opposition during public meeting #16 of the Parliament of St. Maarten, which were deemed unbefitting and detrimental to the spirit of democratic discourse.
Amidst inheriting an unprecedented amount of unresolved and critical issues, the new government faces significant challenges.
URSM calls upon all members of parliament to elevate the quality of representation and dialogue within the parliamentary proceedings, aiming to foster a more dignified and effective legislative environment for the betterment of St. Maarten and our people.
URSM also extends congratulations to incoming MP Viren Kotai and the entire Democratic Party.
URSM remains steadfast in its commitment to address these challenges head-on, promoting policies that are reflective of the needs and aspirations of the people of St. Maarten.
The party extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Brug and anticipates a period of vigorous and positive change under his and MP Roseburg’s leadership in Parliament.