Minister Lewis Intervenes Amid Immigration Officer Shortage at PJIA

Minister Lyndon Lewis personally worked the immigration booth to assist with passenger movement.
PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Saturday, May 25, 2025, an unexpected shortage of immigration officers at Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) due to a mass sick call, reportedly linked to unpaid overtime, prompted immediate action from the Ministry of Justice. Justice Minister the Honorable Lyndon Lewis, also a former immigration officer, personally visited the airport to assess the situation and lend a hand.
Efforts to mobilize additional officers from the mobile unit were unsuccessful, leading the Minister to step in directly alongside his former colleagues on the front lines. Support was later bolstered by the Alpha team, whose members assisted effectively during the crisis.
The PJIA management team played a crucial role in managing passenger flows, with special thanks extended to PJIAE CEO, Mr. Brian Mingo, for his leadership during the ordeal and the Immigration officers that worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth operation.
The incident, which could have significantly impacted the nation’s economy, was mitigated through these collaborative efforts. Discussions regarding the overtime disputes are scheduled with the Honorable Minister of Finance, Ms. Marinka Gumbs, and relevant stakeholders on Monday, May 27, 2024, to prevent future occurrences.
Minister Lewis stated, “People who work deserve to get paid, and I am committed to ensuring that all justice workers continue to receive their deserved payment as I see it important to keep out the moral, and ultimately important to the safety and well-being of Sint Maarten.”
Minister Lewis also added, “. It is my civic duty to serve my country by all means necessary to ensure the safety and security of the border.