The importance of coming out to vote for Members of Parliament.

Joseph G. Peterson Candidate Unified Resilient Sint Maarten Movement (URSM)


Dear Mr. Editor,


 In a critical moment for our democracy, I Joseph G. Peterson, am issuing an impassioned plea to all eligible citizens: “your vote holds the key to shaping the future of our Country Sint Maarten. As the upcoming elections for the 15 esteemed seats of the Members of Parliament approach, we urge you to recognize the immense impact your vote can have and join us in a resounding call for active participation in the democratic process”.

By casting our votes, we directly contribute to building a more inclusive, progressive, and representative society. Here are some key reasons why coming out to vote for Members of Parliament is of utmost importance:

  1. Voice of the People: Voting allows citizens to make their voices heard on a national scale. It provides an opportunity for diverse opinions, concerns, and aspirations to be represented by the elected MPs who will champion these causes and advocate for positive change.
  2. Decision-Making Power: The decisions made by our elected representatives directly affect our lives, from healthcare and education policies, to the economy, infrastructural development,  the environment, and social justice initiatives. By voting, citizens shape the direction of these decisions, ensuring they align with their values and priorities.
  3. Accountability and Transparency: The act of voting holds MPs accountable for their actions and encourages transparency in governance. By actively participating in the electoral process, citizens send a clear message that they expect their representatives to be responsive, responsible, and committed to serving the interests of the people.
  4. Protecting Rights and Values: Voting empowers citizens to protect and promote the fundamental rights and values they hold dear. It is through the ballot box that we safeguard the principles of democracy, freedom of expression, equality, and social justice.

URSM (Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement), urges all eligible voters in Sint Maarten to exercise their right to vote and actively participate in the upcoming election. Every vote matter we contribute to the strength and vibrancy of our democracy, is by casting our ballots

To ensure your voice is heard, make sure you are registered to vote before Jan 2024. If you have moved to a new home, go to the receiver’s office and register your new address. This is to ensure that you are receiving your voting card. Mark your calendars for election day on Jan 2024, and together, let us shape the future of our Country Sint Maarten, through the power of democracy.

The Last election of 2020 revealed a concerning statistic: out of the 23,106 citizens eligible to cast their votes, only 13,350 votes were deemed valid, while a staggering 9,383 individuals abstained from exercising their democratic right. There was 78 blank votes and 295 invalid votes. This disparity highlights a pressing need for citizens to understand the significance of their vote and the crucial role it plays in determining the course of our Country Sint Maarten.

By exercising your vote, you possess the power to shape the composition of our legislative body. Each Member of Parliament we elect, will be entrusted with the responsibility of drafting and voting on legislation that directly impacts our lives. They will stand as our advocates, representing our aspirations, safeguarding our rights, and fighting for the issues that matter most to us.

Now, more than ever, your vote carries profound importance. Our Country Sint Maarten stands at a crossroads, facing multifaceted challenges and promising opportunities. We need leaders  with Integrity,who possess unwavering vision, and a deep passion of commitment, in guiding our Country St. Maarten towards progress. The decisions made by our elected representatives will reverberate through our economy, education, healthcare, infrastructure,  the environment and every aspect of our daily lives.

At URSM, we firmly believe that an engaged and informed electorate is the bedrock of a thriving democracy. We implore you to take the time to research the candidates, familiarize yourself with their platforms, and critically evaluate their track records. Attend local debates, engage in meaningful conversations, and make an informed choice that aligns with your values and aspirations. Democracy flourishes when citizens actively participate and make their voices heard.

We understand that voting may not always be the most convenient option, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the temporary inconvenience. Let us proactively plan for the upcoming elections, marking the date on our calendars and prioritizing our participation in this pivotal democratic exercise. Remember, your vote is not just a ballot, but a powerful tool that can shape the trajectory of our Country St. Maarten.

Reflecting on the past election, we calculate that the average total valid votes per seat amounted to 890. This statistic underscores the significance of each vote and the tremendous impact that a united and active citizenry can have on our democracy. If the 9,383 individuals that abstained from exercising their democratic right had come out to vote the total valid votes per site would have been 1516. That would have been a greater impact on the outcome of the election.

Together, let us embrace the weighty responsibility that democracy bestows upon us. Let us rise in unison, casting our votes to select the Members of Parliament who will be our staunch advocate and tirelessly work towards a brighter, more inclusive future. Every vote counts and together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous Country St. Maarten.

Joseph G. Peterson
Candidate Unified Resilient Sint Maarten Movement (URSM)