Minister Irion to refine Ministry’s Vision



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“What gets measured, gets managed, gets done”

PHILIPSBURG — Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Ardwell Irion stated during the ministerial press briefing on Wednesday, that the government could benefit from refining and refocusing on the ministry’s vision. The minister used USM’s vision: “every household should have an associate’s degree” as an example of a clear and measurable vision.

Having Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a means of measuring the work government is doing. “What gets measured, gets managed, gets done” Irion said.

Research done by popular scholars such as Edwin Locke and Philip Kotler has proven that
productivity and employee satisfaction is increased when there is a measurable vision, that is understood by everyone in the organization. Minister Irion said that each ministry’s vision should be a pillar that supports the government’s vision for the island. A vision should be long term and should be exempt from change until it is accomplished or no longer serves the organization.

Though new ministers may take the position, they should all work in line with the vision of their ministry. This clearly defined vision will allow civil servants to have an understanding of their purpose. Minister Irion clarified that the government does not lack vision, but their current ones could be more specific and measurable.