Government must release number of people in (self) quarantine 



PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The government of St. Maarten through the Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs must tell the people of St. Maarten how many people are in (self) quarantine in the country and where these people are from. If they are local (Sint Maartener’s) residents who have not travelled or residents who have recently returned home.

Why is the quarantine number hidden when countries like Curaçao and rest of the world are freely giving the numbers of people who are positive and being monitored. The St. Maarten numbers appear to be a big secret.

St. Maarten, the prime minister says, only has two cases of Covid-19. How many tests have been done? And, how many people have called CPS to say they have symptoms. How are these persons being monitored?

First the prime minister says there are 13 people being monitored and now that 13 includes the two positive cases. Will a military tent hospital been put next to SMMC yes or no ?

The people of St. Maarten must know the numbers and must get an explanation why the numbers are so secret.

The public has the right to be inform with more detail just as every other part of the world is been giving standard information to their community.

More open transparency on the information of the cases like a patient age, sex and if the patient is from St Maarten or not if they reside here or not.

Woman who was on St Maarten tested positive.

New cases of COVID-19 in London, Ont. region both recent travellers